Bubes Brewery


Murder Mysteries

Murder Mystery Dinners at Bube’s Brewery are hosted in the Alois Restaurant in the original tavern/hotel building that is part of our historic brewery complex. Nearly all 19th century breweries had a tavern at the brewery, and our facility fortunately has the original tavern with dining rooms, a barroom, a ballroom, and even lodging rooms upstairs. The atmosphere is much like a fine Victorian home of the late 1800’s. The lavishly hand-stenciled walls, the original oak bar, the deep colors and ornate dacor in what was the genesis of the restaurant here at Bube’s Brewery looks like the sort of place you would expect a mystery dinner to happen in, so we brought the idea to life.

Paranormal Investigations and Ghost tours

SyFy’s Ghosthunters have been to Bube’s and confirmed what we already knew – that we have paranormal activity everywhere!  Our spirits are even bilingual! And now, we have a “resident” paranormal investigation team that comes to Bube’s on a regular basis to take our guests on investigations. Come and find out – are you a believer in dimensions that exist beyond our finite senses…Bube’s spirits particularly like skeptics…a lovely challenge for departed souls. Open your mind when you visit… think outside the box… test your beliefs. Have a great meal in one of our 3 restaurants, and then – if you’re ready – experience the spirits at Bube’s. Don’t forget your camera.

Theatrical Feasts

Feasts at Bube’s Brewery are hosted in the Catacombs, the 19th century lagering cellars beneath our historic brewery.  The atmosphere is unique, warm, dry, and candlelit comfortable. In addition to our fine dining experience that we offer nightly in the Catacombs, we have developed a special dinner inspired by this distinctive atmosphere with live actors called the Feast.  The concept  began with our desire to take our storybook environment to another level. The food is very good, the staff is professional, but the essence of this offering is to have a memorable, often amusing time with each other. We are happy to be informed if anyone in the group should be distinguished in any way.