Rehearsal Dinners


At Bube’s we feel that the dinner the night before the wedding is an important responsibility. The two families may be meeting for the first time, the dinner can help set the tone for the weekend and it is the eve of the big day. We suggest that the rehearsal dinner be a different sort of event than the wedding reception so that the two events don’t seem too similar, and we have many ways to help you achieve this:

  1. A sit down plated dinner in our Alois Restaurant, the Catacombs Restaurant, the Ballroom at Bube’s or the Biergarten in warmer months. Dinner can range anywhere from basic and traditional to gourmet with wine service and anywhere in between.
  2. A buffet or heavy  hors d’ oeuvres dinner in the Alois Restaurant, the Catacombs Restaurant, the Ballroom at Bube’s or the Biergarten.
  3. The Wedding Rehearsal Feast in the Catacombs-we have created a special version of our Medieval Feast just for rehearsal dinners. The bride and the groom sit at the head of a U shaped table and the feast is in honor of their impending betrothal. Live musicians and actors set the scene- this is very lively, It’s a fun way for the two families to meet and get to know each other. Far from being and afterthought, this rehearsal dinner will be a memory. The option is for groups of 25 or more.
  4. Ordering from the menu- For rehearsal dinners of 25 or less, ordering from our Catacombs menu is an option. Your dinner can be in the Catacombs or the private dining rooms in the Alois Restaurant. Please understand that when a group function menu is not prearranged, patience is needed to allow us to take food orders, submit food orders, and then prepare the food orders.

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