Engagement Dinners


The engagement dinner is becoming a popular addition to the wedding celebration. Long before the rehearsal dinner or the wedding and reception, it is a wonderful way to get the planning started, have a fun night out with a lot of the people who will  eventually be helping with and participating in the wedding, and a thank  you in advance to all of those people. Lots of ideas for the wedding are bantered about, and usually more than a few amusing suggestions  are made. The engagement dinners we have done are usually either a party with a food buffet or a feast in the Catacombs.  Particularly if both families have some lively members, the feast can be a lot of fun. We have even had people combine the two ideas with a feast first and a casual party afterward. We have also done plated gourmet dinners and murder mystery dinners for engagement functions. As a newer tradition, there are no rules or expectations, anything that appeals to you is appropriate for such an affair. Any of the options you see under all of our group function information would be available. Please call us and let us help you plan a memorable evening out to celebrate your engagement with your friends and family.

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