We do even more bachelorette parties than bachelor parties at Bube’s and we are happy to give you some ideas if you are considering us for that fun night out with the bride-to-be:

  • The most popular venue at Bube’s for a bachelorette party is the Murder Mystery Dinner, with taking the bachelorette to one our Feasts in the Catacombs as a close second. Either of these events include a full dinner and are a great way to get the bachelorette’s evening off to a fun start. If the bachelorette is not overly shy, tell the entertainers at either event that it is her special night, and they will ‘honor’ her with some extra attention (if she is very shy this might not be a good idea). After dinner, Bube’s Bottling Works Pub is a fun place to go for a little social time.
  • If the bachelorette would appreciate a very special dinner as  part of her evening, take her to the Catacombs Restaurant to begin the evening. The menu includes gourmet items as well as more traditional steak and seafood dishes and dining in our unique underground restaurant creates a long lasting memory.
  • Many of our bachelorette parties rent our lodging facility at Bube’s Brewery. We rent our floor of Victorian era hotel rooms as a package, and having the hotel to yourselves allows you to stay up late and sleep in. With a group of  close friends, it can be the greatest slumber party you’ve ever had. There is a large room to gather in and you may have music, games, snacks, and stay  up in your pajamas i if you want to. And our lively pub is just downstairs. This option also eliminates any concerns about driving home. The hotel has nine rooms and the cost of renting the floor is $900.00 plus tax.
  • The bachelorette/bachelor party: A fairly new addition to the wide variety of parties we host here at Bube’s is a party for both the boys and girls together. Food, games, drinks, and good music are usually part of this kind of party and you ‘kill two birds with one stone’ so to speak (see our description under the ‘bachelor party’ section).

Having a bachelorette party at Bube’s can be as simple as calling to make a reservation for dinner or getting tickets to one of our feasts or murder mystery dinners. Just let our staff know who the bachelorette is (if she’s not wearing a crown) and we will help make her feel special.

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