Getting Married at Bube’s Brewery

If you are planning your wedding reception at Bube’s you may also plan your wedding here. Our complex is a great backdrop for your ceremony and pictures, and there are several options:


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Biergarten Wedding 2015
Catacombs Wedding 2015
Catacombs Reception 2015
Biergarten Wedding 2015
Biergarten Reception

    • The Biergarten – in the warmer months, we frequently have weddings in our Biergarten and all or part of the reception can follow the wedding.
    • The Catacombs – there is a large stone wall in the Catacombs that can be covered with candles and its one of the most popular spots at Bube’s for a wedding.
    • The Ballroom – another venue for weddings at Bube’s Brewery is in the Ballroom, usually with the reception following.

    • The bride can get dressed in the Inn at Bube’s on the third floor of our historic hotel in one of our unique themed rooms. (Good Princess Room pictured below)

  • You may take wedding pictures all over our unique property on your wedding day, please be considerate of other guests.

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