Just A Group of Friends


We have several options available for casual groups of friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. We have found that the frightening part for a lot of would-be groups is that they are afraid of getting stuck with a big bill if they book for 40 people and only 20 sign up for the event. Who pays the deposit and will they get it back? We have tried to make this concern a non-issue and we want to make it easy for the group leader to enlist their friends to come to a fun night out together at Bube’s.

  • Our first and easiest (and perhaps most entertaining) option is to come with your friends to a Feast or Murder Mystery Dinner. To bring a group to one of our regularly scheduled Feasts or Murder Mystery Dinners, the group leaders need only call and book tickets for whomever they want to pay for directly. While booking, the group leader should mention to the person handling the tickets that others will be calling and we will begin a group under the group leader’s name. Please tell your friends when they call to mention the group name so we know to associate any others calling with the group leaders’ party (we won’t know that they are part of the group otherwise!)The only caveat in this arrangement is that sometimes our Feasts and Mystery Dinners fill up and late callers can’t get in. Please make sure everyone knows that we sell tickets on a first come, first served basis and we cannot hold unpaid seats. This is a very fun option especially for a lively group of friends. Do us a favor and don’t invite the ones who just can’t behave or don’t know how to go with the flow. Thanks!
  • Another option is to allow us to help plan a party menu in which everyone pays the same price. For an average of $30 to $40  per person, we can create a menu (see suggested SAMPLE MENUS) that includes a nice variety of items to make a full dinner with tax and gratuity included, so that everyone pays the same price and beverages are available to the group on a cash bar basis. This arrangement is recommended for class reunions and other functions in which guests pay separately and mingling is encouraged. We ask that you have paid RSVPs requested a month in advance. We do need a $200.00 deposit to hold the venue, and $75.00 to provide a cash bar. These costs can be built into the per person fee and refunded on the evening of the event to whomever is able to pay them when booking. A minimum number of guests can be determined to make this work (we’ll explain this in more detail if you choose this option).
  • Groups of up to 25 can be arranged to order from one of our regular menus. Please understand that for this arrangement, we must take orders from each person, enter the orders into a computer, and then the cooks must prepare the orders. If your group is not reasonably patient, we do not recommend this option. We can give a separate check to each of the tables in this arrangement, but we cannot give separate checks to each person or couple. We ask for a $100.00 deposit to set up and hold a space for 12 to 25 guests. The deposit is refundable the evening of the event, it is refundable if  you cancel 24 hours before the event, but it is not refundable after 24 hours prior or if your group fails to appear. (This policy is only for small groups making the $100.00 deposit, larger groups booking one of our banquet venues are refundable only up to a month before the event.)

Please call us and let us help you book a fun outing for your group! (see also the Motorcoach Tours section for some more ideas.)

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