If you want to have a fundraiser at Bube’s Brewery, here are some ideas:

  • Book a feast or murder mystery dinner at Bube’s, work out the charge with us for the event, add $10, $15, or $20 to the price that you sell your tickets for, and you can be out selling tickets the same day. We have had groups raise over $2000 this way, the most important part is getting a good turnout.
  • Similarly, you can arrange an event with tickets to a gala dinner or cocktail party with a food buffet, work out a cost with us, and charge what you are comfortable with for the tickets, and start selling tickets.
  • If you have bands, comedians, or other performing acts that will help you with your event by performing for free we can host the event at Bube’s. This is mostly a matter of scheduling a slot for this sort of fundraiser to take place. Some lead time is necessary to get a venue available, but please call, we’ll get creative and work something out! (Sorry, we can’t help with especially loud bands).


  • You may add a live or silent auction to the above events if you wish to add more fundraising to the event.
  • Bringing food into Bube’s that has not been prepared in a kitchen that has been inspected by Pa. Dept. of Agriculture is a violation of the health code. Sorry!
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