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At Bube’s Brewery we want to provide a personal, local alternative to the all-too-familiar large hotel chain company function experience, while still providing the same level of service. So if you want an all-day seminar, for example, we’ll have the coffee, pastries and bottles of water ready when you arrive, we’ll provide a delicious lunch, those interested may have a tour of our historic facility at the end of your day, and dinner in one of our restaurants is an option of course. Here is a list of several of the things we can do for a company or organization group, but if you don’t see what you want on the list, please ask, we can probably do it:

  1. The All Day Seminar –  usually held in our ballroom, but also welcome in the Catacombs or our outdoor Biergarten, we can set this sort of function up in the arrangement that you prefer, we can provide a screen, a flipchart and markers. This can start at the time of your choosing (early morning is fine), and we can provide continental breakfast, mid-morning snack, full lunch, mid-afternoon snacks, and dinner if you wish. We have a package that includes all of the above except dinner. Please call for a quote, the price depends on some of your group particulars. A tour of our property is a fun and educational way to stretch your legs and we provide this for free! Our lodging facility is available if any travelers need to stay overnight here and plenty of additional lodging is available nearby if needed.
  2. Company Dinner – we want to be your choice for where to take your group for a local experience that is professionally presented and can mix an interesting and fun evening with delicious food. Particularly if you have out-of-town guests, our property is a must-see in the Lancaster County area. We have several options here, and we recommended a cocktail hour with hors d’ oeuvres before any of them.
    • Feast in the Catacombs –  we offer Medieval, Gypsy, Roman, Fairy, Pirate, Halloween and Christmas-with Santa feasts in the Catacombs restaurant. These dinners include live actors and musicians and are designed to be a lively, humorous experience. If your group is on the conservative side or if many of them speak English as a second language, we consider it professional to tone down the “lively” aspect a bit. On the other hand, if the practical joker of your office is retiring, bumping up the “lively” aspect of our event may be in order. We prefer to discuss this with you so we can offer the best experience possible.
    • Murder Mystery Dinner – we offer a murder mystery dinner in the Alois restaurant at Bube’s Brewery- A very different sort of experience than the feast described above, these dinners have live actors and are mean to be fun in the same vein as the feast. Participation in our murder mystery activity is invited but not required (unless it is a team-building event-see below), the emphasis is on serving an excellent dinner with an entertaining experience. Some of our corporate clients come year after year and try a new feast or murder mystery dinner each time.
  3. The Team Building Event – dinner out can be a team-building function at Bube’s. We have a special version of one of our Murder Mystery dinners in the Alois restaurant, and a special version of our Pirate Feast that we do in the Catacombs restaurant either of which we suggest for a team building evening. We are happy to host something that you have in mind already as well. Our mystery dinner and feast are both lively, interactive experiences in which the team-building aspect can be emphasized to your wishes. Full dinner is included and live actors are part of either version to facilitate the team building exercise. Your group can have a social hour before or after (or both) if you wish and a tour of our property is available for free.
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