Class & Family Reunions

Reunions have several considerations that we would like to address and make the process easy for you, the  planner(s).  With this sort of group, you generally want everyone to pay separately, the  point of the gathering is to mingle and talk, and you may want to add a special element like decorating, displaying pictures, or showing a video on a screen. We think Bube’s is a great place for such events because it is a fun place to be, those interested can take a tour of the facility, we have several venue options depending on how many people that you expect, and we have great menu options for this sort of event.

Some recommendations right away:

A buffet menu is ideal for reunions. Some food is out upon arrival, the main food is ready when all the guests have arrived, people can access the buffet and eat while mingling or sitting, and there is always enough for seconds of many items for those that wish to return to the buffet.  At a buffet the guests are not as committed to one table and sitting for the majority of the dinner. The best reunions are always ones in which mingling is encouraged. We generally suggest a cash bar at reunions because there will be those that like an alcoholic beverage and those that do not. Including a batch of one of our refreshing punches is encouraged, however, as they are often enjoyed by everyone.  Most reunions charge their guests between $30 and $50  per  person. This price must include everything such as any included beverages, tax, and gratuity. If you need some money built into the target price to cover reunion expenses, of course that is fine and we will work out with you what portion we need to cover the costs of the dinner.

Here is an example of a recent class reunion menu that was very well received:

  • International Sampler (out during arrival) 3 trays:
    • Pesto Cheese and Pita Toasts
    • Avacado/Salsa Dip and Red, White, and Blue Tortillas
    • Bube’s Beer Cheese and Pretzel Crisps
  • Main Items (put out once all the guests had arrived):
    • Shrimp Wrapped with Bacon and Brushed with Cabrillo Sauce (a Spanish barbecue sauce)
    • Salad Station (field greens with several side condiments and 3 dressings)
    • Pasta Prima Vera with Vegetables and Parmasan Cheese (a hot pasta dish)
    • Barbecue Sliders (made with Bube’s recipe pulled pork and beef barbecue)
    • Mini Chimichangas (made with chicken and server cut in half)
    • Roast Beef Carving Station (beef top round sliced and served with horseradish sauce, whole grain mustard, Dijon mustard sauce, diced onions, and freshly baked sunflower seed and wheat rolls)
  • Dessert:
    • New York Style Cheesecake and Black Magic Cake


  • Iced Tea Punch (brewed iced tea with lemonade, cranberry juice, and lemon lime soda)

This class charged $45.00 per person and kept $5.00 for postage, decorations, and incidental expenses. Bube’s cost was $40.00 which included tax, gratuity, and the punch. The organizing  committee did a great job of getting the word out and they published the menu on their class website and facebook page. They weren’t the least bit worried about class members that were too cheap to spend $45.00, they offered a great program and a great menu and they got a great turnout.  And they got rave reviews on the event.

For classes/reunions more worried about the budget than this one, we can do a similar event for less, just keep in mind that if you spend under $25.00 for food, we do charge a venue/set up fee of $200.00 (details page)

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