Bridal & Baby Showers


We can host a bridal shower at Bube’s Brewery. Some considerations:

  • Buffets are very nice for bridal showers, eating can be comfortably blended with your other activities
  • Showers are often at lunch time or early afternoon. This gives you a wider choice of dates because you will not need one of our venues during the very demanded evening dinner hour.
  • If you want to have the shower be a surprise, we can help you plan and execute the surprise. Generally, the bride or expecting mom thinks she is coming here for lunch.
  • We are happy  to set up a table and chair arrangement  that allows for the opening of gifts among the guests.
  • The venues most often used for showers here at Bube’s Brewery are the Ballroom and the banquet area in our outdoor Biergarten. It is not unusual for you to have some (or all) of the men come along to the shower. Usually they eat with the ladies,then while gifts are being opened,they can take a tour, taste microbrewed beer, or even play pool.  After gifts, you are welcome to have some social time in the room and make it a party.
  • If everyone is contributing to the event, we can make a price per person that allows everyone to pay the same amount. People can get their drinks on a cash bar basis.

If you have any questions or need some suggestions, please call us.

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