Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement & Graduation


These are parties in which someone or several people are to be “honored” in some way. Of course, the honored person or persons own style should be considered here. Would they enjoy being the guest of honor at a Medieval dinner with live musicians and actors participating in the “honoring” (much humor is involved here)? Or would a party with good food and dancing to great music be their idea of a good time? Perhaps a wine tasting with several special courses designed by our chef and paired to the wines at an intimate dinner would be more their style? All of these and many more are possible. Consider these ideas as a starting point:

  • A sit down plated dinner in our Alois Restaurant, the Catacombs Restaurant, the Ballroom at Bube’s, or in the Biergarten in warmer months. Dinner could be traditional or have gourmet flair.
  • A Party with music and dancing with a buffet menu of several different food items in the Ballroom or an outdoor party/buffet in our Biergarten when weather allows.
  • A Feast in the Catacombs in which the special person or people is/are the guest(s) of honor at a banquet with live actors and musicians. At Bube’s we present a Medieval, Pirate, Roman, Gypsy, Fairy, Halloween and Christmas themed Feast. You decide if being a little bawdy is in order or if the theme park version (as in for kids) is best. Our actors will work with your wishes.
  • A Murder Mystery Dinner in the Alois Restaurant

Most of our birthday and anniversary groups that come to our murder mystery dinners are smaller groups that simply attend one of our regularly scheduled events, but if your group is larger than 25 persons we can arrange for your own private murder mystery and honor the special person by working them into the show (if they’re a bit of a ham!).

One more consideration for this type of banquet- is it a surprise? If so, we will work with you to help handle the surprise- the last few moments are the most critical! Any of the above options can be a surprise party and of course a story must be created to fool the surprise person (not recommended for people with heart problems!).

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