The Ballroom at Bube’s Brewery
This large dining room is an expansion of the original ballroom in the Victorian era hotel in the Bube’s complex. Mr. Bube and his family entertained the public and have held group functions and wedding receptions here ever since the hotel was built in 1879. This facility is very Victorian in style and accommodates groups from 20 to 100 people. For groups larger than 100, we generally combine the Ballroom and the Alois restaurant (see below) as one venue and provide several food stations throughout both areas. The Ballroom is able to accommodate nearly every type of group and is ideal for a plated dinner banquet, a buffet banquet, or a luncheon group. Live music, a DJ or your own recorded playlist can be accommodated here. We also have free WIFI available.

The Alois Restaurant

This venue includes the original dining rooms and the original bar room in the Victorian hotel at Bube’s Brewery. Bube’s has been serving dinners to the public since the hotel was built in 1879 and this venue retains its original ambience from that era. The Bube’s Brewery Murder Mystery Dinners are presented to the public every Saturday evening and on select other dates in this area. This area is ideal for those that wish to arrange their own mystery dinner for their group (up to 65 persons) for a plated dinner banquet (we usually host wine tastings and gourmet dinner groups in this area), for a buffet dinner, or in conjunction with our ballroom for larger groups. The original bar room is perfect for intimate parties and is ideal if you would like to add live music to your event and we can help get the music!

The Catacombs Restaurant

This venue is in the original lagering cellars beneath Bube’s Brewery. Regarded as one of the most unique restaurants in the region by a wide variety of reviewers, the three stone-lined, candlelit rooms of the Catacombs evoke the feeling of an ancient castle, far removed from ordinary in every way. Every evening the Catacombs restaurant offers a fine dining menu to the public (reservations encouraged), and on Sunday evenings and select Friday evenings our Catacombs theatrical events known as Feasts and Banquets are presented. The Catacombs is available to groups in a variety of ways. The largest room of the Catacombs can accommodate up to 65 people and the entire Catacombs can accommodate groups up to 140.

  • Groups are welcome to attend one of our regularly scheduled feasts or Banquets as well as groups of 25 or more are welcome to book their own private feast depending upon date availability. A group can choose from among a Medieval, Pirate, Roman, Gypsy, Fairy, Halloween and Christmas themed feast. Our professional actors can “tune in” the atmosphere of the event from a very “G” rated feast (we welcome school groups and teenager birthday parties at feasts) to somewhat bawdier “PG” rated feast for a group of lively adults- you can tell us what is best. In any case, the feast is
  • a special, fun experience in a unique underground candlelit room and will be remembered for a long time.
  • Plated dinner banquets are an option in the Catacombs. Smaller groups can simply order from the Catacombs menu. Pre ordering from the Catacombs menu or the Dinner Banquet Menu is requested for groups larger than 20.
  • A buffet menu can be presented for groups up to 50 people in the largest room of the Catacombs.
  • Depending upon availability, a group coming on a weekday (Monday-Friday) can opt for a very special opportunity: the group can arrive at the Alois restaurant and have the original Victorian bar for cocktails and appetizers during a cocktail hour, and then progress down to the Catacombs for dinner or a feast-an especially memorable evening!

The Cooper’s Shed

In a part of the original barrel making room and repair shop at Bube’s Brewery, we reserve an area for casual dining groups. Groups up to 24 can be in one room and groups up to 40 can be accommodated. Groups up to 24 can order from the Bottling Works Menu (please remember that cooking from the menu for 24 will take longer than cooking for 2!) Preordering or offering a limited menu are options for groups, required for groups larger than 24 (we can explain in more detail how to arrange this). If everyone is paying separately, then we can arrange a buffet or preordered menu in which everyone can pay the same dollar amount. Drinks can be purchased separately.

Bube’s Biergarten

At Bube’s we are very proud to be the only place that we know of that can accommodate an outdoor group function that is not inside a tent or under a partially closed in pavilion. The way we can do this is by retaining one of our other venues in case of inclement weather and the day of your event will set up outside or inside depending upon the weather. What this allows is a very good chance that on a beautiful day or evening your group can be outside under the trees in our beautiful Biergarten. Either a plated dinner banquet or a buffet menu can be presented here. Groups that choose our full Barbecue Menu are usually outside and we will use a charcoal grill for this. We have even had company groups with after dinner presentations in our Biergarten- it is very different than the typical or usual banquet.

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