At Bube’s Brewery we have a truly wide variety of options for groups. First and foremost we suggest that you call us to talk about your group and what you have in mind so far. We are a fun and friendly place, and with no pressure we will answer your questions and give you some ideas about what is possible here. We have many options that you can get nowhere else, and if you want something from traditional to extraordinary, we wish to help you create a memorable event. Please review the descriptions of our venues, our menus, some notes for different kinds of groups, and some of the details about booking a banquet. We have presented an elaborate holiday party for an office of 2 people and we have had wedding receptions for as many as 90 and of course, every number in between. Please consider these few simple questions before you call us, and then by all means, call us:

    • Approximately how many people do you expect?
    • Do you have menu ideas in mind already?
    • Do you have one of our venues in mind already?
    • Do you have a date or dates in mind?
    • Do you have an idea what sort of budget you are comfortable with? And will you (or your company) be paying or will individuals each be paying for themselves?

At Bube’s you could have hors d’ oeuvres and a jazz combo for your intimate group in our original 19th century Victorian Barroom, you could have an outdoor barbecue with a guitarist playing American music, or you could have a lively Medieval Feast for you and your 40 closest friends or more than 100 other possibilities. The following information is presented so that it is at your fingertips, but again-please call!

Mystery Dinners for Groups

At Bube’s Brewery we offer a Murder Mystery that is held in the Alois restaurant area of our brewery complex. Alois consists of the original bar and dining rooms in the Victorian Hotel portion of Bube’s Brewery.  Each individually decorated room, employing hand stenciling and other painting techniques, is a work of art worth seeing in its own right.  The Murder Mystery is an audience involved drama that unfolds throughout the night. There are many versions of the Murder Mystery Dinner; the following is an example of one.  The Central Hotel Premier happens the opening night of the Hotel and Alois Bube and his wife Pauline are happy to greet you and introduce you to such notables such as Phillip Frank, Katherine DeWolf and Mayor Henry Sager. There will also be other special guests that will arrive as we present a few patrons with a special role in our Murder Mystery. Throughout the night, events and clues will unfold, remember all you see and be ready to help Constable Good solve the mystery.

The dinner itself includes several courses. Our chef varies the menu slightly with seasonal availability but it follows this general format: appetizers are served in our parlor as guests are arriving and the bar is open for your pleasure. After the Mayor’s Wife’s speech, guests are seated in the dining rooms where they will be served our soup du jour, salad and homemade rolls, followed by the main course of beef and chicken with vegetables and a rice dish (vegetarians can be accommodated with a pasta dish). Last but not least our homemade mini cheesecakes will be served for dessert.

The cost of a private Murder Mystery is $400.00 for the entertainment and $48.00 per person. We require a minimum of 25 persons. This price includes your meal, tax. The bar is available as a cash bar, limited bar or open bar at your request. We hope we have given you an idea of what our Murder Mystery is all about. We wish to discuss the particulars with you personally as many things are influenced by the group you are bringing and we wish to make suggestions and tailor the event to your group. We look forward to hearing from you again and hope to help you plan a truly special event.

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