Murder Mystery Dinners at Bube’s Brewery are hosted in the Alois Restaurant in the original tavern/hotel building that is part of our historic brewery complex. Nearly all 19th century breweries had a tavern at the brewery, and our facility fortunately has the original tavern with dining rooms, a barroom, a ballroom, and even lodging rooms upstairs. The atmosphere is much like a fine Victorian home of the late 1800’s. The lavishly hand-stenciled walls, the original oak bar, the deep colors and ornate dacor in what was the genesis of the restaurant here at Bube’s Brewery looks like the sort of place you would expect a mystery dinner to happen in, so we brought the idea to life. For example, one story takes you back to the opening night of the Central Hotel (the original name of our tavern/hotel) in 1879. You are greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Bube, and you will meet their financier, a famous actress that happens to be in town, the mayor of Mount Joy and his wife, a wealthy heiress, and other characters, some of which we draw from among your more lively guests. If anyone in your group should clearly be among those chosen to help us, we will work out with you, the coordinator, how to identify them and make sure that they are suitably ‘honored’ with this duty. As the evening progresses, in spite of the celebratory nature of the event, you and your guests will learn that there is intrigue lurking and developing further in the background. We certainly don’t want to tell you too much, but we will suffice to say that at one point something ‘happens’ much to the surprise (or not really) of your guests! An investigator is called who will arrive and question your guests about what they saw and what they know in an effort to solve the crime. This is all done while the planned dinner continues in spite of circumstances, and of course the whole affair is handled in a very amusing way completely in spite of the nature of what just occurred. We hope that coming to one Murder Mystery Dinner will whet your appetite to come again to experience one of our many other versions of this concept. We hold Murder Mystery Dinners that are available to the public every week if you wish to come back with some friends.

The dinner begins with a few light appetizers available in the original barroom as you arrive. The original bar is set up for service (beers from our microbrewery are available as well as liquor, wine, soda, and  commercial beers). When dinner begins, a salad is waiting on your table as you sit down. (‘Action’ occurs between courses, some will hear it and some won’t, hopefully those interested will discuss it). Next, a soup course is served, followed by the main course. Beef and chicken, along with bowls of vegetables and rice and a sauce are served family style in much the same way food would have been served in our restaurant in 1879. Dinner concludes with dessert.

Tickets are non refundable.

We are happy to answer any questions, give more details, describe other mysteries. Please call 717-653-2056 (7 days a week between 11:00 and 5:00)  and mention ‘Murder Mystery Dinner’.


Murder Mysteries in Alois

Our Bube’s in house troupe of actors and the Alois staff present a murder mystery dinner on selected dates (see our events calendar). An entertaining evening and a complete dinner are included in the price of $50.00 per person. Depending on which date you choose you will be a guest at one of the following:


The Central Hotel Murder Mystery – Click here for tickets!

Join Alois and his wife Mrs. Bube at the grand opening of The Central Hotel. All the citizens of Mount Joy have turned out for this event. Mayor Sager, Cyrus Wittel and even Anna Steward Rhodes have made their way to celebrate this historic event. But not all is well, for old grudges and new intrigue are also guests at this event. Step back in time to visit actual historic characters of the brewery’s past. Enjoy an evening of fun, murder, mystery with a glass of Mr. Bube’s beer.

Dinner with the Duchess Murder Mystery Click here for tickets!

It is the first social occasion arranged by the Duchess of Norfolk since the passing of her husband the Earl. Join the Duchess at this special soiree.

The Confederate Conspiracy Murder MysteryClick here for tickets!

The Rebels have taken York! Now they march on Wrightsville; and only the bridge, the Susquehanna River and a small Union army stand between the confederate army and the North. While the federate forces ready for the rebel assault Reverend John Stamm is having a dinner party. Invited are town folk, Mrs. Carpenter, Lottie Moon with Lieutenant Bayard and his prisoner Confederate Major Lane. Not everyone is as they seem; for there’s a spy at dinner. Can you find the spy and save the union?

Speakeasy Murder Mystery Click here for tickets!

In the height of the prohibition Handgun Henry Engle’s speakeasy was a heaven of vice, women and bathtub gin. It’s just another night of sin; with Fast Eddie Ford and new bootlegged shipment of hooch from Canada, Miss Pearl and her girls of “hospitality” on the second floor and more mobsters than you can shake a stick at. Trouble happens when word comes from the Boss; a stiil pidgin is snooping around working for Eliot Ness and the Feds. Find the stoolie and save the speakeasy, and keep the good times rolling.

The Bootlegger’s Revenge Murder Mystery Click here for tickets!

The King of the Philadelphia bootleggers, Max Hoff, has called together the bosses of all the gangs to meet at Handgun Henry’s speakeasy to work out some issues so that everyone can profit. But maybe there is more afoot than meets the eye. Then Handgun Henry’s niece shows up and we find out that Handgun’s brother, her dad, is a cop! While everyone tries to help convince the niece that they all came to Uncle Henry’s ‘health retreat’, business between some of the bosses starts to get a little dicey and YOU are in the middle of it all…..!

The Murderous Mystery of Doctor Stanley la Strange Click here for tickets!

The mad Dr. la Strange will unveil something that will change human history forever. Is it the miracle he has sought or is it something evil that the Doctor uncovered from the darkest depths of the farthest reaches of the world?

The Adventurer’s Club Murder Mystery Click here for tickets!

It is the meeting of the Adventurer’s Club, a gathering of intrepid souls from around the globe that meet to share their great adventures. Hear their many tales of intrigue.

Murder at Bazancourt Lodge Click here for tickets!

Mysteriously rich war veteran, Victor Benedict is spending the day at his hunting lodge. Invited for the day of horse and hounds are many of this young industrialists business and family acquaintances. Friendly faces are not the only guests at this dinner party; a mysterious secret, old loves and deadly vendettas are all on the menu. Enjoy Mr. Benedict’s hospitality then find the clues, solve the mystery and catch the murderer. At a Murder Bazancourt Lodge

Murder at Bedlam Insanitorium Click here for tickets! 

This evening, at the Bethlehem Royal hospital…better known as “Bedlam”, the elite and wealthy of London have come out to a gala to support the hospital and it’s sensational Chief Physician, Baroness Victoria Bestrafen. Her doctrine of electro shock and pain therapy is seen by many as an enlightened approach to help the patients considered ‘lost to society’. Dinner is served with a parade of doctors, patients and someone crazy enough to kill. The Baroness always says; “madness was a result of moral weakness, leading to moral insanity.”

Houdini’s Last Escape – Click here for tickets!

Mrs. Bess Houdini promised her husband that after his death she would conduct a séance to contact him in the afterlife. One year after his death she is ready to fulfill his dying wish. Mrs. Houdini has gathered friends and colleges of the great escape artist to reach the spirit of Harry Houdini. This supernatural event will cross the boundaries of the afterlife in ways nobody expects when trouble occurs during the séance. Will Houdini’s ghost come back for revenge? You decide in this ghoulish evening of twists, turns and mystery.

The Delightfully Dickens Holiday Murder Mystery Click here for tickets!

You are invited to the holiday party of Ebeneezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley, this Christmas 1843. Everyone is attending, The Fezziwigs, Bob Crachit and his wife; London may even conjure up a Spirit or two for this delightfully Dickens Holiday Murder Mystery.

The Murder in Toyland Murder Mystery Click here for tickets!

A meeting of the toys goes astray after they receive news form the north pole. A colorful cast of toys come to life in a Holiday Mystery for the whole family.

The menu served at the murder mystery is a complete dinner including appetizers, salad, soup, beef and chicken with appropriate side dishes, and dessert. Join us for a lively evening in an historic setting!


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