The only regularly scheduled history tour of Bube’s Brewery is every Saturday night at approximately 9:00 p.m. (following our Murder Mystery Dinner). The best way to not miss it, of course, is to attend our Murder Mystery Dinner and stay for the tour immediately afterward.(If you are attending the Murder Mystery Dinner with a group, you may automatically get the tour after dinner, so no need to call ahead for the tour in this instance.)


If you have a group of 10 or more, you can schedule a private tour of Bube’s Brewery. Generally this is best at lunch time. The cost is $10.00 per person. Please call ahead to set up a reservation.


Every evening from 5:30 to 9:00 there is a host on duty at our entrance that can take you for a brief tour including the Catacombs, which are the brewery’s historic lagering cellars and the most famous part of our establishment. (you may need to wait briefly to join a group on their way to dinner in the Catacombs).


If you are in the motorcoach business (tour companies, receptives), and are considering coming to visit us, especially in the daytime with arrivals before 3:00pm, please call us. We would like to discuss your opportunities directly with you. Of course, everything that you see on our website is available to you. If you have a group (or would like to put a group together) and want to add our unique property to your itinerary, here are some ideas  for you to consider and we are always open to new suggestions for a possible group activity here. You may, of course, combine more than one of these suggestions at your visit:

  • Lunch in the Ballroom, the Catacombs, the Cooper’s Shed, the historic original Alois restaurant and barroom, or our outdoor Biergarten
  • Dinner in the Ballroom, the Catacombs, the  Cooper’s Shed,  the historic original Alois restaurant and barroom, or our outdoor Biergarten
  • Take the Historic/Brewery Tour of Bube’s Brewery
  • Take the Ghost Tour of Bube’s Brewery (best after dark!)
  • Book your group for a private or public Feast at Bube’s
  • Book your group for a private or public Murder Mystery Dinner at Bube’s
  • Have a beer tasting event in our Biergarten or Ballroom
  • Have a party with a fun food buffet, and a band, DJ, or karaoke
  • Have an afternoon party in our Biergarten with a fun food buffet, play team chess on our giant outdoor chess board, pool on our outdoor pool table, and/or have a beer pong tournament (we’ve got plenty of tables) (sorry, the state makes us use water in the cups but it’s just as much fun!)

These are just a few ideas of the things groups do at Bube’s Brewery. Please call us if you are considering a visit and have some questions. We’re helpful and not pushy!


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