At Bube’s Brewery we offer a medieval feast which is held in the Catacombs of Bube’s Brewery (see brochure). The building is an intact 19th century brewery that has underground stone lined vaults that were used for aging beer when the brewery was operating. We have developed these cellars into a unique restaurant called the Catacombs. The atmosphere inspired us to develop a medieval feast-a special entertainment dining event that we offer on Sundays and for specially arranged groups on other evenings.  The Catacombs restaurant served a fine dining menu on non-feast nights.

The feast is meant to present the atmosphere of a lively social dinner that would have had taken place in medieval times. Live musicians play and entertainers interact with the patrons. This event is appropriate for groups ranging from children to senior citizens and is especially fitting for corporate groups, associations, anniversary dinners, birthday parties and wedding/pre wedding activities.  It is possible to honor individuals celebrating special occasions.

The dinner includes several courses (each called for with fanfare). Our chef varies the menu somewhat based on the medieval calendar. We first serve an appetizer, then the wine and ale course (or non-alcoholic beverages).  We serve a course of homemade bread followed by a salad. The main course includes round of beef, chicken, freshly cooked vegetables, rice and sauce. Lastly, dessert is served.  The cost of the feast for a private group (not at a Sunday public feast) is $400 for entertainment plus $48 per person for food, drink, tax and gratuity. Persons under 21 must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians- or no alcohol can be served. This is in accordance with the Pennsylvania State Liquor Code. If you have any questions, please ask us.

We would like to discuss the particulars of your group with you personally- the type of group you are bringing influences many things and we wish to make suggestions and tailor the event to your group. For example, if appropriate, a cocktail hour is available before your event begins. We have developed our feast over a period of many years and have a list of glowing references if you want an outside view. We want to help you plan a truly memorable and special event. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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