Feasts at Bube’s Brewery are hosted in the Catacombs, the 19th century lagering cellars beneath our historic brewery.  The atmosphere is unique, warm, dry, and candlelit comfortable. In addition to our fine dining experience that we offer nightly in the Catacombs, we have developed a special dinner inspired by this distinctive atmosphere with live actors and musicians called the Feast.  The concept  began with our desire to take our storybook environment to another level.  The Medieval Feast is meant to capture the fun and festivity of a feast in medieval times. The Pirate Feast is meant to conjure the feeling of being at a lively meeting of pirate captains and crews. At the Roman Feast you and your guests are presumed to be special guests of Julius Caesar before meeting at the Roman senate the next day. and if the event inspires the group to come back, we are pleased to host another type of feast for variety.  The core idea of our feast is for a group to have a lively fun time together. The food is very good, the staff is professional, but the essence of this offering is to have a memorable, often amusing time with each other. We are happy to be informed if anyone in the group should be distinguished in any way. Anyone celebrating a nearby birthday, anniversary, promotion, impending retirement, imminent parenthood, or even something frivolous is properly toasted and those with a good sense of humor may be engaged further if it is abundantly obvious that they would enjoy the attention. We also like to make a traditional toast in the native tongue of any international visitors.  CALL 717-653-2056 FOR FEAST TICKETS DAILY (FROM 11:00AM to 5:00PM)

Private Feasts may be booked for your business group, family or other private events. The dinner includes an appetizer course, a pitcher of wine, beer, or soda for every two people, freshly baked loaves of bread, a salad course, a main course of beef and your choice of chicken or pork with vegetables, starch, and a savory sauce, and dessert is served at the conclusion. We are happy to customize the menu if you so desire. You have the option of including any extra drinks on the bill or having the guests pay for them on a cash bar basis.

We are happy  to answer any questions, give you more details, or customize this event to your group.

**From time to time, radio stations and clipper magazine offer special promotions for feasts. These discount offers are valid based on availability for each event. If you are using a promotion, book early as discount seating is limited and is subject to availability. Please allow 48 hours for promotion validation**

For public or private feast tickets please call 717-653-2056 (7 days a week between 11:00AM and 4:00PM)    Thank you!

We do ask that ALL participants of the Feasts are 21 years of age or older. (with the exception of the Family Friendly Pirate Feast)

Feasts in the Catacombs (see dates below)

  • The Pirate Feast –Jack is back and Bridget has a party planned for his meeting of the pirate brotherhood, but to everyone’s surprise, there is bone rattling news that precedes his return. Now it’s up to Micky Finn, Ruby, the rest of the crew and you, to help Jack sort it out!
  • Click here – Dates and tickets for upcoming Pirate Feast
  • Medieval Feast — Under the ground in Catacombs far away from your everyday life, a Feast Master rules a world of loyal subjects. He and his ragtag wenches, beggars and minstrels will be welcoming new and old friends alike to this underground lair for a feast where his followers will do their best to please the Feast Master and you.
  • Click here – Dates and tickets for upcoming Medieval Feast
  • The Roman Feast — Caesar has been gathering his senators together for political and philosophical discussions about the empire, but at the end of the day, Romans will play. So come and relax as you are presumed to be a hard working citizen of Rome and spend sometime with some of the court favorites. There will be slaves, gladiators, peasants, and the upper class citizens and they all have a story or two to share.
  • Click here – Dates and tickets for upcoming Roman Feast
  • The Halloween Feast — Dracula and his countess are having a dinner party for you — the living, to celebrate the coming of the dark season. Unfortunately, for them, there is a minister in their midst. When it is time for dinner, they are so busy with their invited and uninvited guests; they haven’t had time to catch a bite. Wonder what they are going to do? Come join the fun! They are sure to have a snack later.
  • Click here – Dates and tickets for upcoming Halloween Feast 
  • The Christmas Feast –Santa is retiring, and has chosen his oldest son, Kris Kringle Jr. to replace him. Santa’s other children are all nervous and excited for their half brother, but the elves know that change is on the way. Some elfin axes may be grinding, and who knows what the new adjustments will be. There is one thing for sure: This is not a Christmas dinner for children who still believe.
  • Click here – Dates and tickets for upcoming Christmas Feast 

On rare occasion we also run  The Family Friendly Pirate Feast– dine with the Pirates down in the Catacombs, the feast that the little ones will enjoy…Look at our upcoming schedule for this special event!




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